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Family Law

Family law cases include divorce, separation, property division, alimony and spousal support, child custody, support, and visitation, paternity, and guardianships. These matters can often be difficult for clients, not only because of the complexity of the legal issues, but also because of the parties’ emotions.

Our family law professionals understand how these matters can have a lasting impact on individuals and their entire families. They work vigorously to protect the client’s assets and family relationships, without forgetting the importance of resolving the matters at hand as tactfully and amicably as possible. In appropriate situations, they will look to litigation alternatives, such as mediation, which may allow resolution with greater efficiency and less stress.

The firm handles the spectrum of divorce cases, from standard, uncontested filings to complex legal, financial, and property cases involving valuation and division of intricate marital assets such as corporations, professional practices, retirement plans, and pensions. If necessary, the attorneys of Robertson, Beasley, Shipley & Robinson utilize their knowledge of business and commercial law and litigation to assist their clients when those particular matters intersect with family law.

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